I'm Thomas Weholt; a father of two, husband and avid software developer located in Skien, Norway. Currently I'm working in one of the largest software companies in Norway and like being part of great team, learning new stuff every day. So why am I putting my resume online if I'm not looking for work? Well, mainly because I wanted use my domain weholt.no for something clever instead of a blog that never got any new posts. And perhaps one day, somebody looking for a seasoned Python & Django developer would come by, say "Hey! This is just the kind of guy we're looking for!" and send me a few words.

Until then I'm a happy C#-coding camper ;-)

Career Profile

I've been programming professionally since 2000. Prior to that I worked for a year configuring and building linux-based servers in the service department of Bibliotek Systemer AS, a company which supplies hardware and software for Norwegian Libraries. Then I spent a year at Cintra Software Engineering AS programming Borland Delphi and some java in Enhydra/Tomcat application servers before starting in Gatsoft AS in 2001 which was my employeer until late 2016 when Gatsoft was sold to Visma AS, one of Norways biggest IT companies.

My work consists mainly of developing the planning section of a workforce management system called GAT, actually THE leading WFM system in Norway. Tools, methodology and software I use professionally:

  • Micrsoft Visual Studio
  • C# : programming language
  • Javascript (not nearly as much as C#)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Git for source control (used TFS for years as well)
  • Jira: project management tool
  • Scrum: development model
  • S.O.L.I.D.: programming principles
  • DevExpress components for Winforms UI development

I've also developed some web-based solutions using ASP.Net and Javascript some years ago, but the web development landscape has changed a lot since then.

Private Profile

Being a nerd also makes me focus on development when I don't work, but privatly my focus is open source and free software exclusively, using Linux as both development platform and for deployement.

I was introduced to the Python programming language in 1997 and has been in love with that language ever since. Before that I spent a year trying to learn/like Perl, Java and PHP, but Python took over completly and it wasn't until Javascript finally began to make its way into web development in the last few years I've looked at anything else. Lately I've looked at frameworks like AngularJS, React and VueJS, but landed on a minimalistic javascript framework called RiotJS and which I plan to use in a future project.

Tools and software I've used privatly on a level comparable to professional use:

I'm also spending sometime as a hobby photographer and moviemaker, and one of my movies can be seen  here. My photos are hosted at  flickr.

I'm also a certified beerjudge. Yes, - beer. Judge.

Free Software Bakery

I've even started writing down some of the usefull stuff I figure out when I dabble in code in my spare time in a seperate blog called Free Software Bakery.

Topics include:

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I'm somewhat of an amateur photographer and moviemaker and I'm developing a video management system as a thin layer on-top of YouTube, with many features found in commercial solutions like Vimeos Pro and Business plans (video review workflow, fine grained privacy and access settings etc). It's currently in private testing and under heavy development (ie. when I got time and energy to spend).

Some of my videos are available in the public pages of the project over here.


Software Developer

2016 - Present
Visma Software Labs AS

Part of the rosterplanning team (Turnusplanlegging).

Software developer

2001 - 2016
Gatsoft As

Part of the rosterplanning team (Turnusplanlegging).

Software developer

Cintra Software Engingeering AS

Different smaller programming projects for various clients.


Bibliotek Systemer As

Configuring, building and installing linux-based servers for Norwegian libraries.

Projects I've been involved with

Here are some of the projects I've been involved with.

GAT - The leading workforce management system in Norway, now also expanding into Sweden. And beyond! On a more serious note, I've spent most of my professional career coding some part of the roster planning in GAT (Turnusplanlegging på norsk). That domain knowledge is applicable to a lot of other areas, but at the same time some parts are very specific to Norwegian laws and agreements. Got F34 anyone? Inside joke. Gat is all about planning the best roster for your employees according to your demands, assigning tasks and effectuating your plan, then handling absences, shift swapping etc. in the daily operations of large organizations. Lately the focus has shifted from a classic on-premise solution to mobile apps and getting Gat in the cloud. This means things like microservices, continuous deployement, developing for scalability and performance are getting more attention - exciting times :-).
Massiviu - A django solution for BULK insert/update/delete in Django. I made this before django provided their own, but this project is in most ways superior to the built-in solution in django, especially in regards to speed. This project was earlier known as DSE and was among other things used to move data from one accounting system to another. Probably my closest claim to fame in the open source department ;-)

Skills & Proficiency


Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft SQL Server




Python & Django

Linux as development platform

PostgreSQL Server

Adobe Lightroom & Premiere

The reason for some of the lower scores are simple; I've been mostly a backend developer. I've got good understanding of for instance HTML & css but haven't used them lately and would therefore need some time to catch up to the latest trends.

The low scores on Linux as development platform and PostgreSQL are due to the fact that those things are so customizable that it's hard to say your 100% proficent on any of those. That said, I would feel right at home in a linux-based environment and would have few problems solving any issues that might occur :-)

The bottom line

1: If you got an open source project (perhaps using Python and/or Django) you're very welcome to send me a few words about it and I might contribute.

2: If you're hirering or hirering on behalf of other companies don't bother sending me job offers unless they are Python/Django/Docker/Linux-based. It would take a lot to make me leave my current team for something else.

Thanks for reading this far!

Best regards,
Thomas Weholt