I took some photos at the re-opening of our local outdoor skatepark at Kjølnes, Porsgrunn.

The mayor of Porsgrunn was present to cut the ribbon and officially open the Skatepark at Kjølnes. I got to try out the Fujifilm X-T30 for sports photography and watch some awesome skaters try out the new vert. Read my conclusions about using the X-T30 for this type of photography at the end.

Jon Harald Aspheim (@debiruman89) was key in the realization of the new vert and responsibly for a lot of the actual construction work. He is also a great skater & a nice guy 🙂

Skating in the new vert, which is 3.3 meters in itself, makes for some impressive air time.

The bowl

We also got a new ramp
Erik Skaug
Edvard Hovland

Now as for the X-T30 for photographing sports. For the most part it worked fine and I didn’t even use sports finder mode. The buffer was the main problem and it became full rather quick when shooting in burst mode so I learned how to time my shots after a while and not miss so many tricks. Compared to the X-T3 the buffer size is noticeably smaller, but the burst rate is more than adequate for sports. I had more than enough to cull through when I got home. All in all, I think the camera did a decent job, especially considering I’m by no means a sports photographer so I only imagine what a proper professional would achieve under the same circumstances.