A few weeks back we decided to take a quick trip to Gdansk, Poland. I had high hopes of getting some great street photos, still inspired by our time in Malaga this summer, but the weather was mostly rainy and cold — and perhaps, more importantly, my creative drive and inspiration weren’t present.

I decided to only bring the Fuji X100f and it’s really nice to just focus on taking pictures, not think about switching lenses etc. I mostly kept the camera at f/4-5.6 and shutter and iso on auto. The photos were processed in Capture One using my basic custom style based on the Astia film simulation.

As I walked the cobblestoned streets I felt my creativity dwindle and growing frustration over not being able to create some nice shots at all. But I kept on shooting anyway and looking back at them now in Capture One I must have done something right because I find quite a few I’m pretty happy with.

So here are some shots from that day in Gdansk (yes, we only stayed for one whole day) and leave a comment down below.

The Townhall of Gdansk. Looks like a church though.

The Apocalypse – good times, good times.
View from the top of the church tower, 400+ steps later.
There are plenty of good local beer in Gdansk, and Poland in general.
The view from top of the Paris wheel.
Another view from the top of the Paris wheel.
The aforementioned Paris wheel.
The Town Hall by Night.