When I sold off all my video gear and focused on photography I didn’t decide on a special style or type of photos I wanted to create from the start, except using speedlights. Because of my experience with speedlights in the past I was really not thinking about that style of photos, but when you see enough youtube videos about something, it will affect you. And slowly I got interested in taking more elaborate studio photos and one day a few weeks ago I went to my local photography shop and bought a Godox TT350F speedlight (one of the few things I’ve bought new – almost everything else is pre-used).

I also bought a remote flash control, the Godox XPro, a light stand and a Godox 120cm softbox .

I created a “backdrop” using a blanket and a few clamps.

I put the speedlight in the Godox 120cm softbox and after some initial struggles I got some pretty nice photos.

I mostly used the Fujinon 56mm f/1.2 at f/4 or f/5.6 which is the sharpest apeture of the lens – and I was very happy with the results.

I like the artsy quality of the photo below and the great out of focus areas achieved by the Fujinon 56mm lens. The vignette are mostly created by the speedlight and not added in post.

I also tried just using the wall as a backdrop.

In conclusion, I find using a speedlight very fun and fascinating, but it requires some experience and even if it provides a bunch of nice light it’s still hard to take photos without making it very obvious that I used a speedlight.

My ambition is to learn more about light, speedlight included, to bring my vision into actual images. And using the Godox gear with my Fuji cameras has been pretty easy and I think Godox is a very good value option for photographers going into this kind of more advanced photography.