Lindesnes fyr (fyr being Norwegian for lighthouse) is the southernmost point of Norway and a very popular tourist attraction.

PS! You can click on each photo to view a bigger version 🙂

For the most time, I had the newly acquired Fujinon 18-135mm lens attached to the X-T30 and I had also the Fujicron 16mm f/2.8 on the X-T3. Read my review of the 18-135mm here. A review of the Fujicrons, including the 16mm f/2.8, is coming soon.

I was very excited to see how the superzoom was going to perform, not having used it at all before we left. The weather was unpredictable as well, switching from light rain to windy and then to sudden sunshine, so I was not sure how this whole thing was going to turn out.

There’s a short walk from the parking lot, then a short climb up these stone stairs.

My wife took this and she made me tell you.

The lighthouse itself was open, but the view was pretty bland because of the weather; it wasn’t great and it wasn’t bad enough to be interesting either. It started raining as well, but I took a few shots anyway.

The view from the lighthouse. I just liked the red railing and the blue-green ocean.

After getting out of the lighthouse I went down to the small group of buildings below. The clouds very still threatening with rain and gave the scene a dark, moody look.

By now, my wife had run away with the X-T30 and the superzoom and I tried getting some wide shots with the X-T3 & 16mm f/2.8. I find the 24mm field of view hard to work with; not wide enough and still too wide compared to what I’m mostly using, the 35mm or 50mm primes (that is XF 23mm & XF 35mm in Fujispeak 😉 ).

And then, out of nowhere, the sun came out. Below are possibly my favorite shot from the trip, mostly because all my focus was on the white building and the lighthouse. Still, I manage to compose the shot in a way to get a bit of water in the foreground and even a human interest in the form of not only a small child but another grown person just next to it! I didn’t notice those until I went through the photos several hours later, and I think that takes it from an ok photo to something a bit more interesting. And it was pure luck! To my defense I had to go pretty low, use the strange flip-out screen of the X-T3 to get that composition, and standing all awkward and a bit stressed out, I just didn’t see them in the frame at the time.

I like the photo below because, in comparison to all the others, this one got a different feel and tint to it. I was using the Astia Soft film simulation on both my cameras and I’ve discovered it makes my photos way too blue. This photo is more subdued and it has that old school, analog film look I love so much.

There’s also a gift shop, of course, almost melted into the mountain. I didn’t go in there, but instead turned around and took a few photos of the bay to the right of the gift shop.

It’s sad to see garbage lying around like down in the left corner, but the bay was pretty and the sun was kind enough to send a few warming rays of sunshine my way so I spent a few minutes enjoying this view.

Then I walked back over to the waterfront on the left side of the gift shop, straight below the group of houses and the lighthouse itself. The sun was still shining, but the skies were very dramatic, and with enough wind to create some nice waves splashing on to the rocks, it looked pretty cool.

Final thoughts

Lindesnes Fyr is worth a visit and there are several good photo opportunities there, even if I only got a few decent shots. My conclusions on the superzoom can be read in my review and as mentioned above I find the 24mm field of view a bit hard to work with. When I walk around and I see something I like, bring the camera up only to discover that I often have to walk a fair bit closer to get what first caught my attention properly in the frame. It might be due to lack of experience, but since I already own the Fujinon 16mm f/1.4 as well, I’m seriously thinking of selling the f/2.8 version. I’m just not using it enough. I’d rather get a superwide, like the Samyang 12mm f/2 manual lens, or save up to get the Fujinon 10-20mm.

Do you have any thoughts on the 24mm field of view or the Fujinon 16mm f/2.8 in particular, please let me know below.