Ok, what can I say; Bergen did everything in its power to make us feel crappy. Even though the weather had been varied so far, to say the least, it got really bad in Bergen. Luckily for us, we had rented a gorgeous apartment and had a few lazy days indoors, recharging our batteries, playing games, cards, reading books, and ordering pizza.

We tried our luck one day, put on our raincoats and went outside. Took a few shots, streetphoto-style.

We took the Fløibanen, but the view in this weather it wasn’t that impressive. Sorry.

I found this bird the most interesting part of the top of Fløibanen.

We visited the famous pier area, but the shots I took has been taken over and over, and way better than mine.

It was kind of cool going into the parts behind the old houses on the pier though.

We had a great time in our apartment, but we have to revisit Bergen to get a proper tour of the city. I think it’s way better than we experienced it this time, so we’re probably going back sometime in the future.