After a slow stay, mostly inside, in Bergen, we decided to drive straight from Bergen to Skien. It’s about 6-8 hours drive, depending on traffic, ferries, etc. But the road home would provide a few great photo opportunities.

You could even go up and under the waterfall, which my wife and daugher did, as shown in the photo below.

For some reason, the photo below is one of my favourites from the whole trip. It reminds me in some way to Hotel Overlook, from the book/film the Shining. I like the bright building against the dark mountain side behind it.

The following photo is taken in Odda. It was a pretty boring place, but I like the houses vs the mountain vs the sky above.

The we drove for a while and arrived at Låtefoss. It was a great place to take photos, but the constant drops of water in the air from the waterfall covered my lens glass over and over, so after a while I mostly wiped my lens, took a few photos, wiped my lens again, a few more shots, rinse and repeat. It got pretty boring and I got pretty wet, so I stopped and just looked at the enourmous waterfall.

While waiting for convoy to take us over Haukelifjell I grabbed a few shots of an old cabin.

And then, finally, after leaving the convoy, I took one last photo of the road we’d left behind. We arrived at home a few hours later, tired from the longest drive in the history of our little family 🙂