On the second day of our trip to the cabin, we took a trip to Falkenuten, a nice walk with a great view on the top. The trail to the top is covered with stone steps placed by Sherpas from Nepal. They have created similar steps on hiking trails in several places in Norway.

We had one pitstop before the actual walk, a quick stop at Telemarkstunet, buying freshly baked buns, made in a stone oven. I took a few photos and was fascinated by the method of growing grass on top of the roof to keep the water out.

After a drive for about 15-20 minutes, mostly on dirt roads, we parked and started the actual walk to Falkenuten.

The actual Falkenuten 🙂

My son, like my father, is in way better shape than me, arrived at the top about 15 minutes before me.

Testing the XF 18-135mm lens again to show it’s versatility. I stood in the same place taking this to photos.

And then we began the descent back to our car.

Falkenuten is a quite easy hike and suitable for most people. My photos cannot display any of the magnitudes of the view from the top so it’s better to get there in person.