Our trip to Malemè, Crete/Greece – Summer of 2022

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(This post is a bit light on the text side of things. I just don’t have the energy or focus to write at the moment, so it’s mostly just a bunch of photos.)

Here are some photos from our trip to Crete, Greece in July 2022. We stayed in a village called Malemè. This was our first trip to a foreign country in a couple of years. I got a few shots using my Fujifilm X100V out of the cabin window.

Like a few other popular areas in Crete, like Platanias, and Agia Marina, the village itself is divided by the main road, without a clear speed limit. This road can become a nuisance due to traffic sound if you stay in an apartment close to the road, and as mentioned, they drive damn fast so watch out.

The village of Malemè is highlighted on the map above.

We stayed at a place called Futura Hotel, which was colorful and with lots of plants all over the place. Our room had plain, basic standards, nothing fancy, like an ocean view or view of the swimming pool, but it had air-conditioning, a fridge, and all the essentials. And the staff was nice and helpful.

We went for a short walk down to the beach on our first day and passed this old, rusty car with some sort of cannon next to it.

Then we had a very nice lunch at a place by the beach, called Menta Beach Bar. I ordered the vegetarian version of a Gyros pita, which they called Arabic pita, and it tasted great :-).

I like to shoot photos of myself using sunglasses as mirrors. Or just point the camera straight down into a glass of beer. I call it art.

Malemè has pretty beaches, but with hard rocks instead of soft sand.

The Malemè boardwalk

Sunset at Malemè beach.

Later that day we took a trip to Chania, the “capital” of Crete. There are a lot of scooters and motorcycles.

The main pedestrian street in Chania.
The usual tourist traps.
The pier in Chania is nice.
Greek salad anyone?
Or a vegetarian pizza with a olive overload?
There were a few beggars around, but this has to be the cutest one. She was playing a drum for money.
You can go on a horse-drawn carriage, but this is plain animal abuse in my opinion. These animals are not treated well at all.
And of course, there are lots of historic sites and excavations to be found.

Old town in Chania.

I love taking photos of people taking photos.

The next day we took a bus to visit Iguana Beach.

Here are some random photos of some random people.

There were lots of caves like this, but they all lost their charm when I saw all the toilet paper lying around. These were homes to a lot of unlucky people, and it was just a sad sight to see.
Perhaps not that exciting photo, but I just love the colors 🙂

Just beside Iguana Beach, there’s a beach called Sunset Beach.

The next day we walked from Iguana Beach to yet another beach just a few hundred meters away, called Yannis Beach.

Another cave, another toilet.

Through a hole in the rocks, there was a private, little beach. And a nude guy’s favorite place to meditate.
Dogs resting in the shadows. There were lots of stray dogs and cats.

We celebrated our 12th anniversary at a restaurant called Mylos tou Kerata, in Platanias. We ate at this restaurant the last time we went there as well. It had several vegetarian options, but I went with the cauliflower steak, which was awesome. Highly recommend this restaurant.

The next day, we took a trip back to Chania.

A local, traditional performance of some kind, featuring the worst vocals I’ve ever heard.

A cruise to Balos Lagoon.

We purchased a cruise on one of the daily cruises out to the lovely Balos Lagoon.

We took a cruise from a small town, first to visit a “Pirate” island, and then to the Balos Lagoon.
Another random fisherman.
The ship was pretty crowded.

First, we had a stop at Gramvousa beach, on the pirate island.

On the top of the hill, you can see an old fortress.

Some tourist attraction called Motor ship Dimitrios P.

A couple taking a selfie, before returning the boat.

Balos Lagoon.

This is probably the most beautiful beach I’ve seen. It’s hard to recreate the feeling in photographs, but it’s worth a visit, even if the cruise getting us there was a bit pricey.

Then we flew home. And I got another shot of the plain using my trusty X100V 😉

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  1. Herlig Thomas 🙂

  2. Fine Place to stay for a while!
    We also found Elafonisi and Falasarna beautiful and other ” small villages”on the Westcoast of Crete.

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